Lung capacity with SLS

I am new here. I have had Lupus over 40 years (I am 60). I also have Sjogren's, Reynaud's, Hashimoto's, and Shrinking Lung Syndrome and a few other lesser things. The SLS was dx'd 10 years ago. I have 40% lung capacity and it has been stable for several years. I was wondering if anyone has expanded their capacity? I am very active and hike a lot but the limited capacity restricts what I can do and where I can go. Is it possible to expand my lungs?


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2 Replies

  • Would a physiotherapist be able to give you advise and exercises?

  • Hi Janetbj,

    You may also want to ask this question in the British Lung Foundation community on HealthUnlocked. You can find it at

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