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Not getting no where with consultant

So I was diagnosed over 2 months I think now with inflammatory arthiriets, mixed connective tissue disease and the start of lupus...

I have had many problems going on with meds such as allergic reaction to hydroxychloroquine which my consultant is aware of, but now I can't cope with my pain at all, I have been collapsing from my legs just giving way, throwing up from the extreme pain and just in extreme agony every day.... Myself and my mum have called my consultant but his told me just to go and see my GP and wait until I see a new specalist for the tissue disease which won't be for a few months now and he doesn't want to see me until after that?!

So what now, do I spose to be left and made to suffer for months on end.... Just seems like now they have finally got a diagnosis out of me they have just left me...

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Go and see your GP, together with your mum, and make it clear you wish to be referred as an emergency to your new consultant. Emphasise the state you are in. Referrals come in different "strengths": routine which take longest, urgent which are a bit earlier and emergency which are just that. It may also make a difference what hospital you are referred to - some have longer waiting lists than others.

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I'd go back to your GP, with your mum, if possible, and see if anything more can be done for the pain, at least. I don't know if you have any pain relief at the moment, but my experience has been that my GP has been very willing to help me get some relief ( while pushing the consultants to see me - though that hasn't been hugely effective). While I'm not happy that I need so much help with the pain, it has made life a bit easier to cope with.

On top of that, I think PMRpro's route is a to take.

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