Provisional Driving

I applied for a provisional driving license online. It said if you receive high rate PIP click yes. I clicked yes. It wasn't until i had completed the application that i saw it was if you got high rate mobility which i do not. I do not know what to do. Will it be alright. I have to wait for DVLA to send a form out to fill out to prove identity.

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  • Best thing to do is give them a ring, just incase they issue you with a medically restricted license

  • I'll wait for them to send out the form as online it says they get u to fill out a medical bit out . I'll ring when I get the form . You've got to fill out the form until they can finish application

  • You will be fine, just correct the error..,

  • Thanks . I am terrible worrier. I've decided to push this to the back of the mind until my form comes

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