Eyesight and working with computers again

Hello community I hope you are well :)

Before Lupus I worked 15 years in offices using computers for upto 9 hours a day. After having my son and becoming ill I found that my eyes struggle to focus on written words, I can no longer enjoy reading a book, and find looking at a screen for too long (even now writing this my eyes just seem to have trouble focusing) now my optition says my eyes have perfect 20/20 vision I have no trouble seeing long or short distance just reading.

So I was wondering if the issue was reading black on white? I've tried white on black and have the same issue but I wondered if anyone had the same issue and finds any other colours work for them.

After having my son I moved back home and the recruitment job I had couldn't accommodate the move or resided hours I initially needed, at the time my lupus wasn't diagnosed, so I got a job at my local shop as a shop assistant. I struggle to stack the shelves or stand for hours on end serving and my specialist suggests this job may not be suitable going forward and an office job may be better but I worry about my eyes and the PC situation. At the time of the appointment i forgot to mention this, it was a bit of an information overload!

Any advice?? I'm desperate to try get some normality back in my life and get off sick. Im only 33 and the thought of not having that working element in my life and not providing for my family is starting to take its toll.

Anyone have this same issue??

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Have you mentioned this to your GP or rheumatologist? They might be able to tell you if it is or isn't related to lupus, or you may need to be referred to an opthamologist for more tests.


I initially went to my GP with this issue then Lupus and ITP were discovered so I suppose it was just all tied in together?? Im seeing my GP in a few days so will discuss this further :)


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