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Got my lab results back

from my first rheumatologist appt. I got it via email and am trying to research everything bc I have no idea what this means. My next appt won't be till Sept 21 but I'm anxious just to know. I just need to know so I'll stop wondering. 2 yrs of not knowing is killing me.

I know we aren't dr's on here but I'm sure you guys know more about this than I do.

MCH is low

Occult blood 2+

Leukocyte esterase 2+

WBC 6-10

Complement component c3 181H

Complement CH50 is >60

Sjogren's anitibody 6.4 positive

But then my ana is negative. My test before was positive. Sooo confused. Irritated that they can't even explain my results until sept 21.

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you can have a positive anti-Ro or SSA antibody with a negative ANA. it can be sjogren's syndrome, possibly a lupus variant (any rash?? dry eyes/mouth?). your complement is high which can indicate a bunch of things-better to have your rheum decide on its significance. looks like maybe a urinary tract infection (i presume the blood, wbc and leuks are from your urinalysis).

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Hello & thanks for this update

My understanding of blood test results is best re my own case....I have had enough trouble figuring out how to interpret my results, without feeling I can really understand others' 😂....Basically, I'm with CAH83, BUT, looking at your results I'll dare these comments:

It's important you're positive for sjogrens! My feeling is that this result alone gives your medics a strong basis for proceeding to understand more about the character of your version of immune dysfunction

The WBC result reads more like the reference for "blood test WBC normal range" than an actual test result...although the range my clinic uses is 4-11

Hang in there Ratana...the waiting IS really hard...but it's the name of the game...UNLESS you're in an emergency or other urgent situation...meanwhile, as you're pos for sjogrens, you could ring the wonderful BSSA (British Sjogrens Syndrome Association) helpline and talk these results over...LOTS of us have sjogrens amongst our overlapping the BSSA is there for us too

9:30-4 mon-weds

9:30-8 thurs-fri


Looking forward to your updates

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


As always, thank you for your great insight. I'll keep you guys updated.


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