Can anyone advise please what is the best website to help me understand what my blood test results mean?

I know what the main ones mean, like ANA, and Complement levels, but the recent set are Double Dutch to me! I've got things I've never heard of like DNA Abs, ENA, ESR, C-reactive protein, as well at the full blood count ones. I'm really trying to learn more - I find that, the more I understand about the condition, the more it helps me to cope with it. Thank you.

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  • Hi Lucy

    I use Google a lot and if you enter the search terms, (eg ANA - Anti-nuclear antibody test

    An anti-nuclear antibody test checks whether there is a certain type of antibody cell in your blood, known as the anti-nuclear antibody. Approximately 95% of people with SLE have this antibody.

    However, it is possible to have the anti-nuclear antibody without having SLE, so the anti-nuclear antibody test is not a definitive way of testing for the condition.) you'll usually get a good explanation which you can save to keep referring back to.

    There are lots of full blood count sites, again Google is an excellent tool -

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Sazzyb

    Thanks for blood results websites, really helpful!.X

  • Hi Sazzyb

    Thanks from me too. The bloodbook is now on my bookmarks

  • OK cool, I was hoping there might be a site where they are all in one place, rather than having to Google 30 different things! Those blood count sites look good for that, thanks very much, will save me a lot of time. :-)

  • No such luck, haha, I used to hope that too. :-D

  • Hi Lucy. I am new to checking bloods but one thing is to be aware some labs use different techniques. it leaves you even more confused. I know, i have been trying to work out how high my LDH is but it depends where you look. on one site its double the top whilst on another it just okay. Just to be aware xxx

  • Hi Lucy. I am still learning about all if things too. I have bought some books which include info about the blood tests. Most have come from Lupus UK on line shop and I think 2 were ordered from WHSmith. I have read loads, I'm like you I need to know all about it and this helps me. Good luck.

  • You can check online what they measure and what it means if they're out of range. But whether your actual blood results are within range will depend on the particular test kit that the lab has used to analyse your blood sample. Helpfully, their report also identifies whether the results are within their kit's range or whether they are higher/lower. I wouldn't compare the actual blood results with online found ranges.

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