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Side affects of Quinoric

Hi everyone I have just got my liver function test back and it's extremely high being referred to gastro, also developed Rosacia and my skin is really bad with dry patches. the question I have is I had been on Plaquinel for years but 2 years ago I was slowly changed over to Quinoric. Has anyone else had problems with this and can anyone tell who now manufactures Plaquinel (Hydroxychloriquin) remember seeing it in a post last year I think it was ?

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I've just found the info I needed xx keep well everyone


I used the search box at the top right - quinoric manufacturer change - and that brought up a few relevant threads.

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I got terrible Rosacea from Hydroxichloraquine (brand name as well as generic) having been fine on it for over a year. Then facial hives came too and then my mouth started to swell so I stopped and all subsided. The pain came straight back though. I didn't try other brands since this was the generic - my GP said this was anaphylaxis and refused to let me try other brands. So after 18 months I had to stop.

Ps also Plaquenil gave me a facial rash on my methotrexate days.


I had a terrible reaction from Quinoric too after about 10 days - swelling & a rash that lasted several weeks after stopping.

My rheumatologist refused to let me try other brands also, as Twitchy says.

Fortunately, he put me on a trial of mepacrine, 1/2 tablet each day.

I've been taking it for a year now, with zero side effects, well apart from having a slightly golden tan with no sun.

I get flares still but overall am heaps better than before taking it & my face is far less red.

Hope you find the brand that suits you. xx


You must take Quinoric with food. A lot of medications affect the stomach. I can't take Asprin but I take Quinoric during a meal and I'm fine. Try it


Thanks everyone X


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