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hi guys can u give me an answer please

hi guys can u give me an answer please

my feet are still clubbing at the ends cold then warm whent for a walk this morning though well i tried my best to didnt do to bad. now im a bit bushed with the feet and knees feels like i have fiber stuff under the knees and cold feet again was a bit stiff this morning but i didnt sweat last night so thats good got some stuff of docs to move my bowels did the trick a bit just wondering if its stuff packed up in my system through resting and not moving about as much ?

the thing that wories me just red on internet clubbing of feet and it said cancer THEY WOULD KNOW IF ANYTHING WAS WRON WITH MY BLOODS WOULDNT THEY?

my ESR AND CRP came out normal with a slightly elivated white cell count at 15.2 but otherwise normal. what is going on with my body lost a stone in 3 months could this be worry

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You could be suffering with inflammation,infection or even an allergic reaction .

Did GP comment on slightly elevated wbc?

Would have expected them to ask for repeat test in about 4 weeks to see levels have dropped to normal range although i dont know if this level maybe normal for you.Have you seen results for this previously?

Flares can cause weight loss as can many other things.Have you been eating less due to pain?

I have lost 2 stone 3 lbs in 13 weeks so I am being investigated .

If you are concerned or continue to lose weight without change in eating habits I strongly suggest you discuss this and your white cell count with GP to find out cause and reduce impacting your health with worry of what it might be.In fact i think contacting your GP sooner rather than later and ask strongly that they give you their thoughts on the above .

Take care and let us know how you get on


Hi little elf do you get swollen big toes and feet clubbing yes saw my blood results for raised level


No not clubbing hot/cold burning and swollen yes but then I also dislocate toe joints easily due to my Eds so not quite the same as you.

Would ask GP for further tests if I were you.

Swollen or clubbing toes along with weight loss and lack of oomph could be a sign if celiac disease or thyroid problems.Both if which can associated with lupus/RA sufferers.

Try not to think of it being anything as bad as cancer but again I do think that..

1 weight loss

2 out of normal range White cell count

3 clubbing of toes + painful feet

Are symptoms which need to have answers from your GP or whoever they feel necessary to refer you to.

Please make an appointment and ask them to give you tests/answers/treatments or a darned good explanation as to why not

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