Give me a large digital pin!!

Nothing to do with lupus but HU what have you done?

Any body else find these Private Message Bubbles a nightmare?

Can't scroll or risk message disappearing ggrrrrr so irritating and if in a multi person chat it looks like everybody is shouting at same time.

I am no expert and no 😇 so watch out darn bubbles Im cutting the string or popping you!

Sorry but I liked the way it was before easy to message easy to read.

Nuff said xx

Have a good week folk 😀

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  • Yes it is more complicated and if your like me , I have to re read everything I write these days as I miss spell , miss out words , or my punctuation is wrong so thing read wrong , everything is tripled checked, and I still get it wrong ☹️😏😉

  • Exactly!

    So many HU users have fog brain why make it harder for us.

    Perhaps that's it they aren't bubbles at all but moments of foggy cloud 😕X



  • Thought HU might take more notice if its an open read rather than a message to them which no doubt would be in a bubble 😆

  • Hi littleeffie,

    Thank you for highlighting your experiences of the changes to the site. I will forward them to the HU team for their consideration.

  • Thanks Paul your a star😊

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