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What to pack ?

On July 27th - August 1st I'm going to stay at my aunties . It's only in Wolverhampton so a train ride . If I forget or need something I can't just go and get.

I was wondering what I should pack back to be on the safe side . I am going to take different variety of socks like normal and fluffy ones . I don't know what her bungalow is like . I haven't been there before and the last time I say her was 2 years ago on a family holiday . I was just wondering what I should take . I am taking my own little blanket and a pillow . As i can't sleep through the night because of pain in my shoulders . I have raynaurds so get cold sometimes as well . I don't want to pack to much or to little .

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Well Lou decide what you need in terms of essentials and comfort to start with.Check with auntie to see if she has it available ,and if not you will need to make sure you take it with you.


Stuff like MP3 player,mobile phone,iPad etc and chargers -(to keep you occupied if you have a restless night (my downfall I always forget the Chargers) - aarrgghh,!!

Don't forget toiletries and make up,but don't go overboard on these.Take travel size if you have them or just decant enough into plastic bottles for this trip.

As for clothes etc - don't know how long you are planning on staying but don't take huge amounts just take a couple of outfits you feel comfy and warm in and if you are planning a night out or two take one smartish top that you know will keep you warm etc,you can team this with ordinary jeans/trousers etc.

Footwear-make sure you have a good comfy pair with you that goes with everything.If you can manage to take a spare pair then do so.

Plan your activities before you go and work it from there.That way you will not take loads of stuff that you do not need and you can have a lovely break,

If you are staying with family you can wash out undies and other clothing so you can take less of these and make room for other essentials.- so will keep packing to a minimum.

I hope you have a lovely time away with your family and that you really enjoy yourself.

Have a wonderful time and stay safe.



Tell us all about it when you get back.





I live in Wolverhampton and you wear the same clothes as anywhere else in the country. It is about 2 degrees colder than the south, I am right on the edge of part of South Staffordshire country side and about another two miles I'm in Shropshire.

I also have raynauld syndrome and at the moment my feet are very hot day and night and I have taken my duvet off the bed for the summer but it's always best to make sure you are going to be warm and comfortable. Some houses doesn't hold the heat in the summer and can feel cold in the summer when it's hot outside.

Message me and we could meet up as it would be nice to put a face to the person on this forum.

Have a safe journey

Maureen xx🙏🙏💐💐xx


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