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Very small itchy bumps in body

Very small itchy bumps in body

Hello, I have very small itchy bumps on my body, they started on my arms randomly at night and didn't bother it thinking it would go away. When I woke up in the morning the bumps on my arm were minimal and through the course of the day starting to appear on my stummach and chest area. Some of the bumps are grouped and they are are not noticeably red. They kinda blend in with my skin but have a noticeable definition. I think have eliminated bed bugs or flea bites and my dad said that it can't be scabies. I am completely lost and need help finding out what I have. Thank you.

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These look like hives to me. Have you taken any antihistamines to see if it helps? You might have a severe allergy. Go see your GP and ask to see a dermatologist, in case. I wouldn't start putting any creams on these yet, in case you do more damage than good.


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