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hi been a while .i have just been on holiday with my suitcase full of factor sorry sunblock big hats and long sleeves ooh joy 😂.while I was walking I felt breathless felt like my heart was popping out of chest .luckly my partner was with me he got quite a shock .as not the most understanding of. The lupus and all its wonderful side affects ! Was just wondering if anybody else has suffered with this felt like a heart attack very scary .on a plus note my work have finally gave me my Fridays off 🎆🎆.eventually .

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I have had very similar symptoms this last wk.Went to surgery for a standard INR test this wk but got breathless walking from waiting room to nurses room.Stand in Nurse (as my usual was on holiday) asked about it I said it had happened most days.She made an appt for me to see doc couple of days later.He gave me me a ventolin inhaler which has seemed to ease the symptoms.Went back to surgery on Friday and saw usual nurse and told her what was going on,she said that due to the extremely high pollen count that with the recent speight of good weather, it has also brought an increased number of patients suffering respiratory problems- hence the ventilator .I havent had hay fever for nearly 45 yrs.

I would suggest you see your GP,asap,This may be something simple which can be resolved relatively quickly, on the other hand if it's anything more serious this needs attention now.

Get it sorted even if only to,rule out something more serious




Hi there - sorry to hear your holiday was not the best. And Yes I get the same symptoms. What I have noticed is that if I walk too far or do too much I become breathless and if I persist I get chest pain. Sometimes this can be to do with your heart so always wise to get your doc to check it out. It can also be that as you get breathless you get more anxious and less oxygen so you start to get worse. But wise to get it seen to ensure there is nothing more serious going on. I have been on the Ventolin route at A&E after a bad bout, had a spirolmeter lung function test, so there are things that can be done to treat your symptoms.

I am going on holiday soon with clothing, sun block etc but have told my partner that I wont be walking or sight seeing for hours and will need to lie down around mid day. So its wise to pace yourself or you will make yourself worse. With taking it a bit easier and listening to your body you can manage things better and really get to enjoy life more without the constant worry and stress.

All the best



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