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Post surgery

Hello all! Hope we are enjoying the sunshine. My last post I talked about my swollen ankles. I had a core decompression of both knees & ankles on the 19th of April. I spent a week in hospital and when my bandages were taken off I noticed that when ever my feet steps on the floor they start getting swollen. I called my consultant and dropped a message with d secretary. I had a post op appointment in Salford royal infirmary but unfortunately, I was on admission in Manchester royal infirmary for my ritoximab infusion and the nurses didn't book an ambulance to take me to Salford. I have been scheduled for another appointment in July. Now am abit worried, because even after 5weeks of surgery I still have swollen ankle for every step I take and when I seat to rest I notice stiffness in my knee. I also have hard lumps in both knees with the left knee more prominent. Before my surgery my knee hurts when I walk but after d surgery my knee hurts all the time even when in bed. I can't lay down on my side because when both knees touch am in a lot of pain.

I have a 4year old son, whom after witnessing my long stay in hospital and my being unwell after my infusion. Was very excited to see me walk on Monday. He screamed 'my mummy can walk' and he said come on mummy! I felt like a baby taking her first steps and he seemed like a parent encouraging their toddler to walk. I see the joy in my mums eyes this past few days and I just don't want her worried about my pain. I drove my car yesterday and did the reading in church. Stand in the lectan while doing the reading I had to fold my knee a few time to reduce the stiffness. I have been looking forward to walking without a stick or crutches but I still need it. Please has anyone had this experience before and should I be worried. My family are happy when am up on my feet and I don't want to take that joy from them. Thanks and God bless.



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HURRAH Ijeiske: some truly GREAT NEWS πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

But, sorry: I haven't got enough experience to comment sensibly on the problems you're experiencing. I'm glad you've contacted your consultant...do you have a lupus specialist nurse help line to call?

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco


No i dnt ve any speacialist nurse


Hi ijeasike,

Are you able to make an appointment with your GP to discuss this and ask for their opinion?


I just booked an appointment to see my gp but will not be until next week thursday. I have been really stressed and in the middle of flare up. I am having a ritoximab infusion and i pray everythings gets under control. Thank u



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