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What medications might skew thyroid test results?

As I am on low dose prednisalone, 2.5 alternate days ,plus a ten weekly injection of Depot Medrol 80 mg I wondered whether it could alter thyroid test results and normalise them.

I also have had three days of Ciprofloxacin 500mg per day this week for a biliary infection.

I am due to have a thyroid test middle of next week and wondered if those medications could affect the test results.

I am on low dose Pred for Sjogrens disease.

I also posted this on Thyroid Uk site.

I have been borderline low thyroid in the past but called normal by NHS guidelines!

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Hi, I know the GoPro and prednisone shouldn't interfere with results. But the other I am not familiar with. But from what I have learned anything can effect thyroid as it is so picky. I have noticed with myself that vit d defiency and even a flair up can cause the thyroid to flair.

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Oops that is suppose to be cipro not GoPro, lol

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Much appreciate your comments. The Depot Medrol is a type of Prednisalone also so just extra steroid.

My biliary infection is being stubborn and I am needing an extended course of it ,so I might phone GP and check on Monday before the thyroid test on Wed.

I can easily delay the thyroid test. So difficult getting tests when you are on pills for something all the time!!!


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