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Hi everyone,i`m Andrew,a few years after i was diagnosed(mid 90`s?) with lupus i was involved with a lawsuit(whatever there called!)with the makers of Minocin,an acne tablet,a lot of people had developed lupus through it.In the end it collapsed and lost touch with other people who where involved.Im just wondering if anything ever came off it?yours sincerely,Andrew

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Hi Andrew, I am new to this site. I am taken aback to hear this! I had a nasty reaction to minocin a number of years ago, I would have to ask my doctor about dates. I have been quite unwell for a while now with skin problems and some of the symptoms of Lupus, I had my first ANA test results last week which were negative but my Dermatologist has diagnosed me with Folliculitis and jessner's lymphocytic infiltrate. I was given a leaflet on hydroxychloroquine to decide if I want to begin treatment. I had no idea there was a connection until I saw your post and would be interested in finding out more.


Wow,it was in the early 90`s when this happened to me,i assumed the drug had been recalled!got told unless its a 100percent certain big drug companys can through unlimited money at it.I think there where a few hundred of us in the case,yours,Andrew


Minocin is the only thing I know of that I am allergic to so one would imagine it would have been picked up on. I'm pretty sure it was early 90's I was prescribed it, I think I only took it for 2 or 3 days but I had a similar reaction out of the blue when I was due to deliver my first baby... How strange and very interesting. Regards, Tina


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