Stumped with Sun Sensitivity

For about 2 years I've had increasing sun sensitivity.  Now, within 7 min. my neck, head and hands turn bumps or hives...just red.  Once indoors, or covered up, redness subsides within 10 min.  My ANA has been elevated for a few years.   But I am on blood pressure meds and one doc. says that it looks like that is what's elevating my ANA.  I am also sensitive to EMF's.

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2 Replies

  • Check whether your skin product/ sun screen is contributing to the problem. I found perfume in these creams was the problem interacting with sun.

  • Hi getbetter, do you currently have a diagnosis of lupus?

    We have a factsheet about lupus and light sensitivity which you can read or download from our website here -

    In addition, we have a section of our website dedicated to this symptom which provides a lot of additional information and advice -

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