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Morning lovely people. I have been on aziathoprine for 4 weeks and am on hydroxy. Indometacin and prednisone. The last few days I have been suffering from bouts of lightheadedness where I find myself having to grab something or I stumble a bit. Most of my symptoms are under control with the meds and am a bit suprised to suffer something new. Has anyone else suffered this? I'm due to see my specialist nurse next week but don't see my rhumy for 6 months and my gps never have a clue

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Azathioprine made me really poorly when I tried it for a couple of weeks. I tried it twice and it did the same thing each time. Lightheadedness was one of the symptoms and it went away when I stopped it. I would have kept on the medicine if I could have tolerated the side effects, but for me they got so bad I had to stop taking it. I hope things settle down for you!



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