Finally my GP is giving me a referral to a rheumy.  Unfortunately I have to wait till June just to be seen.   But it's one step closer to getting help.  So until then, the rashes are an every day thing.  Today, as I'm writing this, I'm so uncomfortable.  The rash is random, comes and goes.  My scalp is itchy as well.  Good news though... I actually have energy today!  I was able to work without much pain and was able to play with my 1 yr old...thank you everyone for the encouragement and advice from my last post. . You guys are great!

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  • Hi Ratana

    Good to read you are going to a Rheumy , not so great the long wait!. Could I suggest you ring the department and ask to be considered for a cancellation. This has worked for me. Hope your new found energy continues as you have your hands full with a one year old!. X

  • Good luck xoxo at least you're on the right road! I've seen rheumatologist 3 times and still not got a proper diagnosis, at the moment I am under probable undifferentiated mixed connective tissue disease,  but he did start me on treatment on my second visit although it isn't really doing anything,  hydrochloroquine 200 mg, which we discussed at my last appointment and he said that he might try methotrexate if still no better at my next appointment,  since then I have got worse and am now on my second lot of steroids for flares,  this one caused by a stupid cold.  My reason for telling you this is just to let you know that it isn't necessarily going to be a quick fix when you do see them but that I am sure that they get there in the end x so good luck and be patient xoxo 

  • Hi

    Good luck for your forth coming appointment. I don't know if you have thought about it, but have you considered seeing a Rhuematologist private. That way you will be seen quickly & each time I have done this when I have urgently needed to see various Consultants they have placed me on to the NHS for fast track treatment & medical tests. I know you may not believ in doing this, but  thisi has saved my life on more than 1 occasion &  had I not then I would not be here now.

    Keep a diary of your symptoms, that way he/she may be able to diagnose you quicker, you may have already been doing this & if so please accept my apologies for suggesting it.

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