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uti / kidneys

hi for over a month now ive been feeling really unwell (tried slight headache) i was told i had a uti and give 7 day course of Trimethoprim , i still feel lousy i am going back to the gp on monday is there any tests i should be asking for , i had the same think about a year ago, my urine is always yellow and sometimes bubbley with a strong smell some times , sort of cramps in my stomach like period pain that comes and goes , thanks in advance 

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A week of trimethoprim? No wonder you feel rubbish! Three days is more than enough for me!

You need a urine culture sent off - preferably when it is strong-smelling but immediately anyway.  Trimethoprim doesn't work for all UTIs - especially if it is gut bacteria that have got into the urinary tract. A culture will really identify if it is a UTI and which antibiotic is the right one. If you have the symptoms and no identifiable bug - they need to look a bit further.

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thank you 


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