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Need some advice ,am going to,Florida in October with family , and was wondering if any body can advice me on long haul flights and what can I do to prevent my legs from getting sore while I am on the plane .thank you any advice will be most welcome.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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I wear compression leggings when i fly. All the way up to tummy. Move if you can get up....i needed ear plugs coming home from florida. My left ear hurt bad from pressure. No gum, swallowing or anything relieved it. I cupped my ear with my hand until we started to descend. At which point the pain stopped.

Good luck..

You can get up and walk if the staff on the plane will allow it. If you must sit in your seat, you can point your feet forward and stretch, then reverse and point your toes back toward yourself and stretch as much as possible. I would do this maybe 10 times in a row and then multiple times throughout the flight. You can also tighten your leg muscles and hold; then release after a count of, say 6 or 7 and relax for a count of 5. Repeat several times and do this multiple times throughout the flight. You can do this but add raising one leg up and tensing that one or stretching that foot in one direction as mentioned earlier. Just some ideas of ways to exercise that work for me.

I live in FL...October can be hot and humid or starting to cool down. I hope it's the latter for your sake!

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Thank you for your ideas , I will def try it. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

we're off to Australia later this year. I find a 4 hour flight trying so we've decided to treat ourselves and booked business class which means you can actually lie down flat! Really looking forward to the pampering. Maybe you could consider it - I know its a lot of money but if it leaves more refreshed and able to enjoy your holiday.....

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Barbara28 in reply to Heatheric

Thanks heather, will def inquire about that xx

Hi. I was given flight stockings by the hospital which did the trip when i travelled to the middle east a week after a kidney biopsy. It wasnt a direct flight either. Hope you have a lovely time in Florida

Thanks faith , I will see my consultant this week and ask for flight stockings xxπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

Compression stockings usually can be found at the chemist. I don't travel anymore but when I did I found the stiffness became real pain so I'd suggest as Suez did, to stretch and move as much as poss.

✈️ All the best!



And Natura suggested 😝 !!

Thank you I will def get some stockings for my trip xx πŸ’•

Hi Barbara I went to Australia in December to visit my daughter was really concerned about 24hrs in a plane but I did lots of ankle circles and got up and walked about quite a bit, there are usually other people stood up having a little wander because of dvt's. Get some good flight socks and comfy shoes your feet ar likely to swell. Drink plenty of water and if you have to take some paracetamol to ease the ache. Have a great holiday πŸ€—

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