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What to do

I do not know what to do for a job. I am only 16 and have to stay at school until 18 unless have a job. I would ideally like to do an apprenticeship. I've always wanted to work with elderly people as a carer. I am not sure if i would be able to that job. I was thinking about being a teacher assistant. I am not to sure what to do. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi LouLamb,

It might be worth trying to have a meeting with a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Jobcentre Plus. They can help you with advice about training, seeking appropriate work and practical support to help you in the workplace. They can also give you information about suitable vacancies and explain any programmes that are available to help you.

For more information about where to start when looking for work with lupus, take a look at our guide, 'I Want to Work - A self help guide for people with lupus'.


Try and do a job you want to do, and have an interest in. I'm pretty sure a lot of old people will say to you, if you'd have asked me what career I wanted as a 16yr old, it isn't what I actually ended up doing for the past 30yrs.

I am the same. I wanted a job that would take me around the world, see places etc.

But the stark reality is, for most of us we dream of doing one thing, but really we need to put food on the table and end up doing something more boring, but secure.

If you're lucky enough not to have money worries, then great, do what you always want to, and follow your heart and dreams.

Don't let the lupus ruin your dreams. I know it can, it did mine in many ways over the years. But you've got to remain positive. Workplaces are more accommodating now. Flexible working patterns, working from home using new technologies etc. And who knows, what better lupus treatments might become available in years to come.


Don't give up dreams just be realist. You are only 16 and your dream job doesn't have to be now just worked toward. Look at what is most affected with your lupus physical, brain? If you want work with the elderly it doesn't have to be physical ie occupational therapy, counselling. Speak to your Dr and also the school or college career advisors, they may have a bigger list of ideas.


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