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The darker side of lupus - #2

Is when you chose, after days and days of broken, painful sleep, to take a mild, over the counter sleeper to try and get some much needed rest, only for the payback of this gentle rebelion, to be, waking up after the first full 5 hours seep in a long time, in urine soaked bedclothes. .....

You were so tired that your lupus mind played that awful trick of teling you , in a dream that you got up, went to the bathroom and all was well......

Then, rather than admit to your carer or family that you had an accident, you place the offending articles in a bin bag, throw them in the outside bin, hope no one notices and use the internet to order fresh.

Thank the universe for the internet, next day delivery and a credit card.

This was my first experience of losing bladder control, it was not my last...........the difference now, my carers and family know, it does not make it any less humiliating. ....😶🚾

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Hello. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. What you could do is get one of those mattress covers with the plastic on the bottom to prevent accidents from hitting the mattress and also get you some depends so that the next time you take the med and get some sleep, should you have and accident your covered. Hope this helps.

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Great idea RhondaB, I have one on mattress and boy it saved me recently, not from any accident but from a burst hot water bottle. At night I use the largest protection pads, just incase, I wet myself when I have a migraine when vomiting so the large ones come in handy. But yes next day delivery is a godsend. If you buy from Argos you can get same day deliver on some items, linen not pads.

Don't be frightened to ask someone to buy these for you.



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