Does the system know your blood group?

Every once in a while I think: hey, maybe I should know my blood I am, receiving vast printouts full of complex lab blood test results on a regular basis, but each time I ask a dr, nurse or NHS "whoever" what my blood group is, they rifle through papers or scroll through computer records and mumble that they don't know my blood group

Do you know your blood group?

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  • Hi, I know mine but only through childbirth. I'm o negative so my babies had to be tested to see if I needed the antibody injection after giving birth. Sorry no help to you that information though. Hope you've had a good weekend

  • I know mine but only because I was a previous blood donor and have had children.

    They won't type you unless there is a specific need. Even if they know your type they would always type and cross match again to see if you have developed antibodies.

    I am bog standard O Rh positive!

  • I was told mine as my mom was o negative and needed to know before kids.

    My son,eldest,asked for his type and was told they don't tell you in case they make a mistake and won't ever give you blood without a crossmatching done first.

    Doesn't really give confidence does it?

    I think it would be helpful but may have to pay privately.

  • The main reason for a crossmatch being done before a donation is because it isn't just O, A, B, AB positive and negative - there are other things too and they may change over time.

    Everyone who has ever donated blood is told the basic group and whether positive or negative. It really doesn't make a lot of difference unless you need a transfusion and if it is really urgent you get an O negative that has already been checked for other stuff.

    Bog standard O positive may be boring - but there are more of us than anyone else. My husband is B negative, pretty rare and he cleared out the stocks when he had cancer - they used to call people in!

  • Hi BC

    Same as Jayfer. O neg, again only told when I became pregnant.

    Take care (chat soon)

    Babs x

  • Hi,

    I have a sub group of A , A2 positive.

    I have been told it is fairly rare and found out when I was pregnant

    Good health wishes to all


  • Ok, I get it! Thanks so much to you all! 👏👏👏👏👏

    Now, why couldn't the nurses, Drs & co have given me a simple explanation?

    You lot are the GREATEST

    good night all


  • Weird synchronicity BC? I posted my question before I read yours?!

    I found mine out by asking the GP reception - I'm afraid I lied to the dour receptionist - telling her I was getting some medical insurance done!

    I'm quite rare I think (though not best eaten this way probably!) - B positive. Hey Be Positive will have to me my new nickname!

    My sister is the same group - I guess it's on our records from having babies. I'm hoping to avoid blood transfusions!

    Apparently the resus negative thing is only relevant if you are having babies for all blood groups - the most important thing otherwise is to know your group because it can be incompatible with other blood types when It comes to life saving transfusions etc.X

  • Good one twitchy....yes, my infertility + my never having made a blood donation probably = no blood typing. But I do wonder whether my type is on my hospital records from my various ops over the I'll ask at clinic.

    Funny you should mention Rh. My parents were incompatible: he was RH pos, she is neg. . So, typically back in 1940s-'53, poor mother survived more than 10 miscarriages over the 10 years after my brother's easy birth. This is why ma's dr put her on daily doses of the notorious artificial DES (diethylstilboesterol) for months bearing me...back then the manufacturers were claiming DES stopped miscarriages. Now we know it doesn't at fact it's a notorious endocrine disruptor which caused my internal reproductive organ birth defects & infertility + an effective 'morning after pill'.... many women miscarried on it. my mother thinks I survived because ma's dr also instructed her to stay in bed most of the day for 9 months, haha. Apologies for banging on about DES yet again, but we DES daughters & sons do our best to spread the I grab opportunities to mention it....the DES scandal hit international headlines approx the same time as the thalidomide scandal, but is less well known. And my medics all think it was my DES exposure that tipped me over into infant onset lupus etc

    And,of course, my Rh/DES/immune dysfunction experience is probably the biggest reason I'm interested in any info on offer re my blood results

    Re Rhesus incompatibility: my understanding is that a lot of research has gone on into this since the 1940s/ incompatible couples can overcome the sort of probs my parents suffered


  • I am just boring boring old O positive!!!

    Also found out when I was pregnant.

    Very interested though in Twitchy's new post about blood groups and diet!!!

    Would be wonderful if there could be a new and safer way to treat us all. X

  • Hi Barnclown

    I only know my blood group from having a blood transfusion a few years ago. It isn't easily found on our records so good for you in highlighting it and wanting to find out. Hope you have a good week. X

  • No, No one wants my blood. They said it was useless to them. But judging by what my children and husband are, I think I am thankfully something boring.

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