Latest update from pals re daughter

Just to update pals have had a meeting with my daughters new rheumatologist who had said that after 18 years of treatment by previous rheumy she did t have lupus

He has now backed tracked and said that after looking again at her notes he believes she does have lupus it's just in remission at the momement and he agrees she does need a rheumy to monitor her he said that non medical people can be confused by letters not sure that you need to be medically trained to understand when a letter states she is being signed off

Any way she has Been assured he will not show any malice to her if she goes back to him or maybe she would like to be referred to someone else ?

He did apologise and accepted that on reading letters he sent they were not clear

I think she should stay with him because I'm sure he will be more careful if he knows that she will take it further

She is not so sure she can face him again

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Loads of this sort of stuff going on. Personally, your daughter is right. Once trust is broken, it usually is. I wouldn't blame her.


I think I might give him a chance, reserving the right to be referred. I agree with you - he's been caught out, admitted fault (in writing???) and should tread carefully in future. Which saves training another numpty...


Hi Rush2112,

I'm glad to hear that the issue with your daughter's rheumatologist has been resolved. It is a difficult decision about what to do next, but I imagine it will be best for your daughter to do whatever she is most comfortable with in order to foster a good relationship with her consultant.


From my personal experience, it's so hard to trust someone again after that sort of treatment.

Makes me so cross that we have to put up with this rubbish.

I hope your daughter makes the right decision for her


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