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Can Anyone help?

Hi, can someone please help me interpret my results please.

I tried to cut and paste my results, but it wont let me at the moment. I have typed word for word as presented on results. The results look ok to me apart from 78.4 DSDNA antibodies what does that column mean ?

The others that state unexpected value found look to be within range , so why would they draw attention to it ?

Unexpected numeric value found 0.2 (0-0.69)** original result ENA SCREEN

Laboratory administration procedures

Reference range (Ratio)

Negative less than 0.7

Equivocal 0.7 - 1.0

low positive 1.0 - 4.0

Moderate Positive 4.0 - 10

Strong Positive >10.00 Original Result CTDC

Unexpected numeric value found 0.4 (0-0.69)** original result CTD SCREEN (ANA)

Laboratory procedures = 78.4 IU/mL Original Result DSDNA ANTIBODIES 1.4iu/mL (0-9.9) .

**Unexpected Numeric Values found ESR = 13mm/h High

Plasma creatinine level = 69 umol/L The patient may have AKI or pre-existing CKD. Please review clinically to confirm diagnosis.

RBC count =4.84 10*12/L High

My GP says nothing to worry about , but all I want to know is do I have the antibodies or not that would cause my issues and he never answered me, just said wait till you see the rheumatologist.

He gave me a prescription for Prednisolone yesterday to take until I see the rheumatologist in 4 weeks.

I saw a consultant rheumatologist 4 weeks ago who said " I think you may have Lupus" sent me for bloods and xray and said come back in two months.

Any suggestions of interpretation would be greatly appreciated. Only medication at present is prednisolone ( Started today)

symptoms at present



Joint Pain Elbow, finger tips, ankle foot

Cold fingers, nose

Gout attacks,

leg / ankle swelling ,

low vitamin D 34nmol/L

High Cholesterol 6.15

Sun allergy, (cortisone injections required)

Rheumatoid Factor present 13 years ago

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Hi sabre4,

I'm sorry but we are not medical professionals at LUPUS UK and cannot interpret your blood test results for you. Only your doctors can do this for you. You shouldn't analyse blood test results in isolation and different labs have different scales for the results. Unfortunately you will need to wait until your appointment with your consultant to have these results explained to you and have a further discussion about a diagnosis for your symptoms.

If you require more information about lupus, we have a free pack that you can download or request at

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Having high Anti DNA antibodies would tend to confirm lupus, as your rheumatologist suspected. Your GP gave you a treatment for lupus for the meantime, so you don't have to worry about anything for the moment since you are being treated. Sometimes doctors do dismiss positive tests because they are looking for higher amounts, or you don't have enough symptoms for a diagnosis yet. So for the meantime if you do have lupus, you are getting treated by your GP. You just need to sit tight and wait until how your rheumy will interpret you results. If you look up lupus, try not to panic. There is a whole lot of things that can go wrong with lupus, but few people have anything like every symptom. Also, treatment can help immensely.

Also, the high ESR means inflammation. That's all I can tell you about your blood tests as not a doctor, but a long time patient.


Here are the diagnostic criteria for lupus.

You mentioned three and need four for a diagnosis. If you have a positive ANA lab test and/or any other symptoms on the list you would fit the criteria.

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