White eyebrow!

I started Hydroxychloroquine in September as at that time thought to be MCTD - now undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis, ? Psoriatic arthritis, but posting here as you have experience of Hydroxychloroquine.

My left eyebrow is turning white. And my hair at hairline. Has anyone else had this?

(Also on mtx meloxicam cocodamol folic acid and amitryptilline.)

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Hi Mirren

I was on methotraxate for 4 years and amytripilyne for a year my hair was always naturally very dark but began to go a gingery brown and very dry and course.

Last year i came off both of those drugs and my hair has gone pretty much back to how it was before. Still on hydroxy chloroquine and other tabs.

I put it down to them two tablets.

My gran keeps telling me how lovely my hair looks now, so i guess it was noticeable.


Kezzie x


Thanks for reply, I think you are right. Just going to take my amitryptilline now and sleep! Wonder drug for burning feet :) I will get used to being bald white haired and gaining a stone a month, but burning feet were driving me crazy and 10mg amitryptilline has made a massive difference. Hope you are well just now and that's why you stopped the mtx etc, take care

Jackie xx

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Interesting. I started on hydroxy nearly 3 months ago, and my hair seems to be going light, dry, gingery and grey much more quickly than before. But I am 50, so I thought it was just normal...


I'm convinced that my 18 months on Hydroxy turned my hair white blond as opposed to gingery golden blond, although I am ageing of course (newly 53!) so it could just be that a greying element crept in. Anyway I'm not complaining as my hair is my best asset these days after years of struggling with alopecia and dandruff! I think it is a known side effect although it's not one that I knew about until long after my hair had turned this ashy blond. Amitriptyline was my favourite drug ever but I had to come off it because of heart palipiations after three good years on it. Now I'm struggling with burning everything - including my gums, nose, left eye, knees, pelvic floor and hands. Used to just be feet! X

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I was on chloroquine mepacrine and then avlochlor drugs at the age of 17-33. My hair fell out a lot and then grew back in grey. I was just pleased to have Hair as it could of course be coloured I am now 76 and still have a good crop (still colouring!) but my discoid lupus has been in more or les remission and I have take no meds. f since I was about 30ish.


I had whitening of hair due to hydroxy, though not in one eyebrow like that.


high Mirren, I had jet black hair and it turned white my eye brows are also white which is a real pain as I have to colour my hair and use wounderbrow to cover my eye brows, our medication and condition can turn hair white, hair losses all pigmentation the medications can also turn your eyes a diff colour mine used to be hazel but now they are emerald green. sometimes one eye can go this.


forgot to add my age I'm 38 x


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