Update on my daughters GP vist

After my daughters hell with rheumatologist

She today saw her GP to find out what the hell is going on

Her GP was vey confused to why the rheumy would act like this

But she has ordered some tests for herself she is having a Exh Wednesday and another urine test to see if protien is still there she is also sending her for a scan on her kidneys

She says once she has results she will be weighting back to rheumy to have her reinstated not sure this will go down well

In the mean time she has drafted a letter to pals

It's like going back to beginning 18 years ago

But at least for time being her GP seems to be on her side

Thankyou for your support bigalan and Paul she read your advise and said at least she dosent feel so alone or victimised

By reading other people's struggles

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Hi Rush2112,

I'm really pleased to hear that she has a supportive GP who will help fight for her. Please keep us updated about how she gets on.

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So relieved your daughter is having tests and being closely monitored by Gp.

Hope results are ok and she getsvreferal to a better attitude ofvrheumy.

Hopeful caring thoughts to you both x

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