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Midiagnosed - update

Hi guys , just an update on my misdiagnosis. Had an appointment with my rheumatologist who agrees with the consultant radiologist that I do in fact have Dercums disease and not Lupus. I completely understand where and why it was over looked so I have stopped being angry. In fact I think I feel more calm about it all than anything else.

It wasn't in my head, something can be done for the painfull lumps and I now understand the pains I have had in body for the last 7 years.

So what now, keep taking hydroxychloroquine and meloxicam as they treat the symptoms, which are the same, and wait for an appointment with a specialist in Dercums disease. The rheumatologist is finding out who and where they are based and an appointment with local pain clinic has been made so I can get the right pain relief while I am waiting .

So thank you all for listening and I will keep you posted as I find out what and where the next steps are. Xx

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Glad you finally got the right diagnosis. Hugs and praying for quick pain recovery for you.

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