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I need advise please.iI have an appointment to see rheumatology doctor Dec 22. I have reduced steroid now to 6mg and my legs are killing me....muscle pain like you have had a good workout and they burn. I went to gp for advise on how to cope with the pain and he doubled codeine. However , this doesn't seem to be helping either. I walk the dog every day for exercise. I sm hoping to start a new med after I see rheumatology. Me that relate.

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I feel your pain honey I really do, I to suffer with leg pain and yes it can feel like you have run a marathon (unfit) it's so hard when all we want to do is be able to walk as I to have a dog I walk everyday and I will drag myself round the park if I have to as she is my life.

When you go to rhuemy you must tell him/her how you are, Talk about what meds you can try , my rhumey would not give me anything other than steriods for my leg pain but I didn't find them to be very effective for me. I'm in the process of trying to change my rhuemy as I don't think he gets me at all.

Good luck


I read this with interest pinky and adrienne, having severe leg pain with a bad flare: 😟 day 10 of barely being able to move. Saw the rheumatologist yesterday for a 3 month check up and he just rang to say increase prednisone as I have myosotis. Googled it, as you do, and it is a complication of lupus.....just throwing this out there as a possible line of enquiry, my fellow lupus sufferers. Its such a struggle is it not.



I have lupus with myosotis. I'm ok at the min but I've had muscle biopsys Last year. I'm also on azathioprine and hydroxychloroquine. Are you on anything other than the steroids and codeine? Which hosp do you go to? I'm at the freeman Newcastle x


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