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Cardiac stress profusion test

My wife has lupus. She is being sent for a cardiac stress profusion test. We have read that she might as well toss a coin. She is particularly worried because at the moment she has a little clot in a pile. They normally clear up by themselves. Will this clot be disturbed by the test and could this be dangerous? Anyone else had one of these test?

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I have had a lung profusion test just recently and like your wife I was petrified too and I wanted to cancel the app, it was to check for clots. Indeed a clot was diagnosed which made sense to all the horrible symptoms I was getting. The lung profusion scan is similar to a cardiac stress test where a dye is used IV and radioactive gas but it sounds more scary than it actually was. I'm sure the scan won't disturb the clot your wife has as obviously the specialist will have assessed all the risks involved and feel this scan is necessary regardless. My clot was already present pre scan! She is very lucky she has such a supportive husband. She will be relieved when scan is over and reassured. Take care.


Thanks for that Lupielass. That's reassuring.


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