Lupus & Nail Loss

I've noticed that I haven't been able to keep nails in three years. I have moved from the Midwest to Texas and was believing that it was the climate change that was causing the nail breakage and cracks. Texas is a more dryer atmosphere than the Midwest. However, I just Googled lupus and nail loss and have read at least one article where it indicates that nail loss and other nail problems are common for a lupus patient. I don't recall that ever being a complaint out here on this forum. Have any of you all been having problems with nail cracks and breaking?

By the way, I love this forum and the people out here. I have gotten more accurate information from you than my own rheumatologists.


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16 Replies

  • Hi nails are terrible. In fact, the other day, my big toe nail turned purple. Ugh! My nails are brittle, split, yuck. I never had strong nails. I thought this was all attributed to being slightly hypothyroid. I belive my nail turned purple because its getting colder out. Hopd you can get some answers.

  • Hi Natura,

    Thanks for your response. My nail problem doesn't make senses outside of lupus, because normally I have thick, white and pink colored strong nails. Though the coloring hasn't changed much, I can't keep them. They are always breaking!

  • Hello. I used to have good, strong nails, that would grow long and stay long. Unfortunately this changed with the lupus onset. I constantly have to file them short, or rather shorter, as they chip and break all the time. I also have noticeable ridges in them - so not a smooth surface. And as for my toe nails, I seem to be prone to fungal infections in those. Just another lupus symptom to live with. I guess it's one of the easier symptoms to live with.

  • Wow! This lupus thing is something else! All the little things that have and can happen. I too have been keeping mine short, and even the little stubs are splitting and breaking! Thanks guys, I was thinking this has to be another one of those things that happen when you have lupus.

  • Between Lupus and medication my nails are shot. Thy are even worse when I'm on steroids.

  • Hi Helen7

    I too have had problems with fungal nail infections on fingers and toes thanks to steroids.i've particularly lost finger nail recently. You can get good treatments for this and learn't you have to allow six months for nail to fully recover and grow back normally. Hope that's helpful. X

  • Treatment huh. I have to look into it! I am no longer taking the steroids so hopefully within a few months I will see a better difference in my nails, but so far not. For all that matter though, since discontinuing steroids, I have only lost 5lbs of that weight that I put on from it, but I am slowly losing thankfully!

  • Hi Helen

    My GP has just given me Loceryl treatment for fungal nail and it's transformed it. I'm in the UK so it might be different in U.S but worth trying. It can take a long time to lose weight after steroids, body has to adjust. You've done well to lose 5 lbs.

    I've got a U.S pen friend, whereabouts are you?. Happy Thanksgiving to you. X

  • Austin, Texas. I am trying hard not to be bummed out about the weight. On the days I workout I am good, but whenever I don't workout I notice that I am more down than not. I will beat this thing though. I don't know how anyone can remain on steroids for long periods and maintain life! But, I guess we are all different and handle medicines differently. Thanks for the compliment Misty, I know sometimes I can be hard on myself.

  • My nails split and peel, especially two of them, which never reach the stage of growing beyond my finger tip without severe problems. I also find that one or two mysteriously curl outwards, very slightly, at the tip. Sally Hansen treatments work short term for special outings and I also massage olive oil into the nail, which helps a bit. Happy Friday, one and all! X

  • Wow, I have a nail that curls inward and I wondered why all of a sudden this one nail started doing that! Lupus man, it's a weird one as far as what all it does to the body! I'll have to try the olive oil TX. Happy Friday to you as well and Happy Thanksgiving everyone, in case I don't come out and dialogue with you all again!

  • So pleased it isn't just me! I have been tested for fungal infection, but clear...phew! it just seems to be yet another symptom. I think the oil helps, but it might just be the massaging....👍

  • I have lost one nail and had problems with others. I have no nail on my long finger of the right hand. When the problem first started my doctor prescribed a cream and my finger became inflamed. Then he prescribed a paint and my nail disintegrated completely, so now I do nothing - just accept it rather than make matters worse.

  • I have nails that curl inward, too, but no cracking or splitting. I take a B complex everyday and my nails seem to grow pretty fast. Wondering if the B vitamin is the reason?

  • Most likely is!

  • Hi Helen 2, since my diagnosis in late summer this year, I have taken a positive attitude with all the many things lupus/fybromialgia /skin complaints to name a few, too many to put all the medical conditions down here which thousands of u have, I too suffer from nail problems mine started about five or six years ago with my nails cracking down the sides of my thumb nails it then progressed to my middle nails I used to think it was my love of gardening that caused this but when my big toe nails started doing the same I didnt know what was happening, no fungal infections the doctor said, but keeping them fairly short and painted using the conditioning oils too, which can be expensive but for me it works. This site helped me to get diagnosed and I hope u continue to use it and keep well,talking here helps me stay positive and lots of people here suffer far worse than I do and I say thank u all xx

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