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I need to be tested for food intolerances.. Which is the best test by post?


I have a consistently low ferritin level, along with gut issues. I am now wanting to investigate what the issues are as there is a lot of information as to inflammation being caused by your gut issues. I have numerous autoimmune disorders and keep these under wraps by taking lots of drugs.... It would be great if I could reduce these by sorting out my gut..

I am sure there are loads of you out there who are in the same position

Looking forward to hearing from you with your pearls of wisdom

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Hi there I've had gut problems for the last 3 years & had all medical tests which diagnosed microscopic colitis. But all the treatments I have had hasn't helped. My consultant has now recommended me eliminating wheat & gluten from my diet now as he said there is no other test to have. I'm now on my second week but it's still as bad as ever so I'm wondering if it's the lupus attacking the bowel. It's so not nice suffering bowel problems. Some days I just can't leave the house.. I hope you can get something sorted soon. Please keep me posted Hayley x



Must admit, bowel problems are not great . I am permanently constipated, I have to take 10 laxative tablets to get any movement and at times the pain after eating is dreadful. Just spoken to my gp who is ordering a coeliac test but she can't offer any intolerance testing saying that it is useless. I was wondering if any of the DIY kits were any good. Some use hair, blood or saliva, not sure which is best. I have developed an allergic reaction to shell fish I think but wanted to check somehow without eating it again. The 2 times that it has happened may have been food poisoning but I am not convinced as the reaction was quite horrific....

There is so much research pointing to the gut being the cause of many immune responses and I am becoming more convinced that this is the case.... Just need help to identify it

Hope that you improve soon



Hi Chablis. I like yourself have begun to really investigate how the digestive system i.e. leaky gut problems and dysbiosis (gut flora out of balance) affect and possibly cause auto immune diseases. I have RA of a year's duration now and have spoken to both my consultant and GP about this area of research. My consultant admitted the connection seems highly likely but then put his hands up and said "but what are we medics supposed to do about it". My GP also said the evidence is important but he too threw his hands up saying "but people don't want to change their lifestyles"! I am in the process of changing my diet to a plant based one and find people such as Dr. John McDougal and a guy called Clint Paddison very useful in this regard. They both have lots of You Tube info which is facinating. I have had constiptation all my life too and instinctively feel there is a connection for me between my auto immune condition and GI health and am feeling my way into a new way of living which will hopefuly help me become as well as I can. Good luck to you too. An enquiring mind is a wonderful thing!