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Wanting answers

2years ago i had a few lumps appear on my thigh&1 on arm.both on thigh became swollen&filled with treated me for insect bites with many antibiotics&steroids until they ulcerated&more lumps apgeared on other thigh.i was sent to dermatology&had 4biopsies done-all look different to the 1 before.ive been falsly diagnosed&treated for lyme.tested for tb,leichmanisis,saars,allergies to my insulin&much much more-too much to recall.ive had dapsone&more antibiotics..i generally feel well although in past 18months i found myself getting breathless with small exercises like climbing stairs despite being very active&fit.i suffer from very disrupted ankles have started to knee gets painful.i have raynoids like symptoms in arms.i have had no periods as 2years and have severe hair loss. Much of what i have experienced sounds like lupus to me but i have not received a diagnosis.

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Hello kiwid25, I developed these "lumps" 5 years ago sound the same as yours. Ask to be investigated for Lupus Profundus, this was my diagnosis. Albeit my dermatologist is still trying to treat it but it seems under some sort of control with Mycophenolate. I sincerely believe mine was triggered by severe reaction to Quinoric which I was given in error to my usual Plaquinel. Good luck.

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Sounds like lupus to me too, but I would get a second opinion and have them check you for lupus or even graves disease. But, I agree it sounds like lupus to me, because I have just about all of those symptoms you listed and have been diagnosed with SLE type of lupus.

Best of wishes to you.


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