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New wine

So , I have been diagnosed with lupus . Has anybody out there experienced trouble with their knees . Yesterday I gently kicked a soft ball and as I did I felt a pop and click . I managed to click my knee back buts it was really painful . Since then my knee just does not feel right . Walking up and down the stairs is quiet challenging and my left knee just aches , if I walk or twist I can hear it popping and clicking . What can I do ? Would anyone use a support . I am visiting GP tomorrow but not sure how serious she will take this because I can still weight bear . Thank you

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Sorry you're going through this newwine.

Have you been examined for hypermobility? The injury you're describing sounds like it might be due to a subluxation (joint partial dislocation: this sort of joint popping out of place & back in again can be due sometimes to loose ligaments re hypermobility). Subluxations are fairly typical of hypermobility. Several of us here on forum have types of hypermobility, which can involve connective tissue disorders too.

Am glad you're seeing your GP soon. This injury is affecting your quality of life and your stability, whether you can still be weight bearing or not. It's important your gp enters details of this injury on your record and advises you how to manage it while it's being investigated. Meanwhile, if poss, twist as little as you can and go slowly & cautiously

I'm ehlers danios type hypermobility. I've had trouble with my knees and ankles especially since childhood (am now 62). And I do use support bandages while injuries of this sort are healing, and even afterwards while I'm building up strength and stability again...this can take many months. I also use NSAID gel to damp down the pain

Hope you'll let us know how you get on


PS this website gives great info & advice re hypermobility:

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My lupus effects my knees the most. Just was diagnosed this last September. Before i was diagnosed i couldnt mive because my knees hurt so bad. I too can hear the cracking and feel the popping. When I walk I had to drag my leg because i coulsnt bend my knees. Once I got on medication to treat lupus the pain went away, but when i flare up I still have some joint pain in my knees but not how it was before.

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