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Does anyone get this?


Hi, does anyone get swollen ankles and feet with a rash? The rash can go up my leg just under my knee, in my thighs and in my arms.

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Hi Tnkerjack 1912,

I have had a similar rash a few times now, but I have SLE.

When it appears, it is on both legs.....It covers the feet and is pretty uniform to just below my knees. Normally, one or both ankles swell up. The rash is mostly deep red/purple with small blisters which sometimes weep slightly.

The rash looks angry but, is not painful however, sometimes it itches a little.

I cannot put my finger on exactly what causes it to come up but, on at least two occasions, it appeared the day after I spent a lot of time on my feet in the heat.

I know this is not a very helpful reply to your post but, it may give you some comfort to know that you're not the only one to have this type of unusual rash.

Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Tonk

Thank you for replying. It does help to hear other people's thoughts. My right ankle almost feels burnt but only in a small place the rest of my leg and the right leg are just the rash. It does get worse in heat or under a duvet.

Tonk in reply to Tinkerjack1912

Interesting.....I only get this rash below my knees. I do have the classic butterfly rash associated with SLE very often but, the rash on my lower legs, ankles and feet looks and feels different to the face rash. I would not describe the feeling as feeling burnt.

I would say I've had the leg rash four times in the last twelve months.

I have already had the rash checked out by my GP and she found nothing of concern in the test results. She suggested it may have been something as simple as a heat rash, caused by long socks or a reaction to my washing powder, if the washing machine had not rinsed it thoroughly enough during the wash cycle.

I have found that during the time I have had SLE, I often get odd symptoms, rashes and pains which appear and disappear again.

I think Ruby Tuesday 2's advice makes sense and it is well worth getting your GP practice to conduct the investigations RT2 suggests.

Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Tonk

I've got blood tests booked in on the first so should hopefully have some results within two weeks or so. I get the butterfly rash too.

I don't know whether to say I hope they do t find anything or I hope they do. It's good if it helps get to the causation. Either way I hope things improve soon.


A number of conditions can cause this type of symptom. Checking renal function, blood pressure and ankle /brachial pressie ratio (your GP Practice can do all of that) should help to identify the cause and if there is anything like compression hosiery that might help.

May be you've had all this done already.

Hi tinker jack

My feet can be swollen just like yours and I'm not sure seeing your pic whether the rash you describe could be Livedo reticular is, common occurrence with these connective tissue diseases!. I don't know if this is helpful but I've got UCTD which means my body is trying to be a collection of CTD's one of which is RA!. Do your hands swell similarly, mine do so it means hands and feet are like RA!. Do they ache too?. Glad your having bloods, good luck for results and I hope I've been helpful. X

Hi Misty,

Yes my hands do swell and ache quite a lot. Thank-you for responding. I will look into things more. X

Keep us posted tinker Jack and best of luck. X

I will do thank-you

Mine are exactly the same and the rash is the same and VERY bad around my knees, when I saw Prof Hughes 2 months ago he said it was classic livedo reticularis related to Hughes/APS and my anti cardiolipins came back positive so have been diagnosed with hughes with Lupus and Sjögren's

Hi Riannabri,

Thank-you for responding I will look into these things too. X

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