The seventeen my girl last year in September, suffered a median uveitis and therefore we did a series of tests. All were normal, except for the ANA was 1/160. Now that we repeated, everything was ok except ANA was 1/320. He never had any symptoms except thrush in mouth from which he derived from small. I forgot to mention that it came in B51 exam. I would ask you to tell me your opinion, since there are no symptoms! Sorry for my english ... but I am from Greece! Thanks in advance!!!

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  • Hi--Did you mean HLA-B27 which is a marker for ankylosing spondylitis. (That maybe spell wrong). Uvetis can be caused by that disease.

    Your daughter may have an autoimmune disease, but sometimes it takes a while for the disease to become clear through having more symptoms. I would try to get your daughter to start being careful in the sun and using a very good sunscreen, because if she does have lupus, you can get some serious problems from sun exposure. Probably not that easy in Greece.

  • Thank you for the answer! Diagnosed B51 means behcet, but doctors said that this people have health! A professor doctor said he would not get sick when ... but I fear making a mistake, because he had uveitis and ANA 1/320.

  • I don't know anything about Bechets, but since she has a high ANA which could me lupus down the road, I still would suggest that she should be very careful in the sun. In my case, I got a severe sunburn and a few days later I couldn't move my elbow and have been in pain ever since. I don't know if you can prevent lupus, but perhaps you can postpone it. But sometimes you can have ANAs and the next time they look for them they are gone, so don't worry too much. You just can't know how this all will go. But doctors can't diagnose you on a blood test alone. There has to be symptoms, so I don't think your doctor has made a mistake.

  • Thank you very much for advice and try to avoid the sun! I hope I can pulled conclusion right doctor! One year passed without symptoms ... believe that if there was a problem would appear in this space;

  • I was diagnosed with Lupus due to symptoms and a positive ANA 1:160 then 1:320. Years later, actually last year due to mouth ulcers and also ulcers on my female parts was diagnosed with Behcets disease. The Doctor was quick to tell me that both illnesses go hand in hand. I was told, here in the states there wasn't any tests to confirm Behcets that it was just based on recurrying lesions. Good luck

  • What symptoms you had; And for how many years; Currently that you are; Thank you for your interest !!!

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