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Eye ointment for sjogren's syndrome?

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I use Hylo-forte during the day for dry eyes & Lacri-lube at night both prescribed by my doctor.

I am struggling with the Lacri-lube as it is fiddly to administer and I am not sure whether it is helping or not.

Could you please advise as to another brand of eye ointment that I can use at night that is also available on prescription.

Many thanks in advance.


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As you know acri-lube is an artificial tear ointment used at night as you can't keep using drops as you sleep.

You need the ointment as it is very long lasting but all of the artificial tear products for night time use are much of a muchness and are ointment based so will give you the same issues that you might be having now.

They are probably working very well, testament to this is that you're not reporting issues when you wake up. It is a technique that has to be mastered but you're doing enough to not be in so much difficulty in the morning to mention it now.

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Many thanks for your reply. The more information I get the better. I do have problems in the morning with my eyes being all gunky. I think I will have to find something else to try but thank you for your comments.

Regards Sarah

Hi,you could ask to try Vita-Pos,I get it on prescription,prescribed initially by eye clinic at our local hospital,it's preservative free and although an ointment it suits me much better than Lacri-Lube,best wishes xx

When I had the HUGE good luck to be referred to a hero NHS immune system dysfunction expert eye consultant 3 years ago, he told me lacrilube was his LEAST favourite nighttime lubricant. He instructed me & my GP to DITCH the lacrilube & go for prescription 'artelac night time gel': which I now know for sure is FAB, a million times more effective & totally right for my version of sjogrens dry eye than any other nighttime topical I've used.

He also prescribed the 'hylotears' drops...this year I've started using the stronger version sometimes, but mainly can make do with the slightly milder version. He has me using MGDRx EyeBags daily, which I get from Amazon (the last min 6 months and are FANTASTIC). All in all this basic maintenance therapeutic treatment plan is just right for me & I've recommended it on the forum several times over the years...my impression is that others find these meds help them more too. Wishing you all the best with your version if this🍀🌻

PS this medic really thinks outside the box: he also told me to make sure I continue on an antiinflammation diet & supplements...saying that daily high dose vit D and omegas are especially important for patients with sle/sjogrens-related dry eye issues

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That sounds like a brilliant doctor you saw there. I've not heard of artelac as I currently use VitA-Pos so I'll check that out as well as the eye bags you mention. It's so useful to hear tips and advice from other people with the same kinds of conditions! x

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He is brilliant...and he left our little local NHS hospital last year...apparently gone to moorfields the top London eye hospital. At least I know where he is if I really need him. He changed my life...I'd had so many awful constant dry eye-related probs for years & years...like 10years minimum.....his advice & treatments basically damp them down so well. He was v gruff & brusque...a lot of patients didn't like him due to this manner of his...but I quite simply worship him! Glad if something in there can really help you xo

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Hello Barnclown

Many thanks for your information about eye ointment.

Is the Artelac night time gel preservative free or does it not matter too much with only using it at night, it's just that my optician says that the eye drops I use should be preservative free?

I always read your answers with interest as you seem to be a well informed person who understands what we go through.

The eye bags you mention I shall certainly look into.

The added info your gave on supplements was interesting but I already take high dose vitamin d and omega 3 so hopefully I am on the right track.

Once again many thanks and warm hugs


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Hi - and thanks for your kind words.

Artelac calls itself a preserved solution. I think lacrilube is preservative free. My impression is that this is not a problem in the case of these nighttime gels. My eye medics seem more concerned re eye drops being preservative free, and getting used within a specific time period, as with the hylo daytime drops.

Am figuring you'll be checking in with your eye dr before switching any of the meds in his treatment plan

Glad to know you're already on high dose omegas & D

Take care Sarah


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Thank you once again for your info and taking the time to care.

I'm not actually under an eye doctor only GP and optician. Long story but to cut it short I was diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome by a rheumatologist and then discharged back to my GP. Obviously cost cutting!!

I think I will go to the doctor armed with the info I have been given and see what he says.

By the way I have just looked up about MGDRx EyeBags and their website says that they are available on prescription from 1st October 2015. Thought that might be of interest to you.

Warm hugs Sarah x

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Barnclown in reply to Whatamess2

YIKES.: so exciting MGDRx will be NHS prescribable: THANKS❗️

Gosh....Sarah, I hope your GP is helpful with all this

Hope you'll let me know how you get on


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