Cancelled again

Can't sleep,after going to hospital last week to be told appointment cancelled for the third time, feeling a bit better today ,when out the blue another letter cancelling the fourth,I phoned in a rant, poor girl,she's promised me the trust manager for rheumatology will phone me back, still waiting lol don't think some how he will phone this time in the morning.,should I go to pals,and is this acceptable,after last week,didn't think it could get worse.

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  • I'd try to sort it out first, that's the priority but keep records and prepare for pals. I'm assuming you've got limited energy!

  • Hi Chaimee, you really have drawn the short straw haven't you. I would definitely get pals involved. You have enough stress, illness and tiredness to deal with this yourself. It is not as though you have something that can keep being put back, you just never know when you are going to be unwell. Please don't let it stress you out you will make yourself ill, I have learnt this from past experiences. Let PALS do their job. Let us know how you get on. Lots of gentle hugs Babs x

  • Hospital usually allows patients to change an appointment only once. So does this mean they are allowed to keep changing an appointment four times themselves?

  • I thought Hospitals were not allowed to change appointments more than twice ?

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