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Hello. I've read your post and seen the photo of your lovely little girl. I agree with other comments that rashes in young children could be caused by a variety of things and it would be wrong to jump to conclusions of lupus particularly if she is otherwise well. I'm sure your GP is just being cautious especially if you have asked if it could be lupus. I don't think it's a good idea to read too much on the internet because it can be really scary and as is often the case no two lupus patients are ever the same and due to the myriad of ways in which it manifests itself it is difficult to diagnose. I am now in my late forties and have had lupus since childhood so I think I have a reasonably good idea about this confusing condition. Please don't make yourself ill with worry because the chances are you will have little or nothing to worry about. Best wishes x

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very very very good advice!

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Hello Louisa-rose. Thank you so much for your kind message, I found it very reassuring. You are right, I did mention it to the Dr before she brought it up. I told her I'd googled her rash and it came up with butterfly rash which led my to lupus. She said that it did resemble such rash and lupus was a possibility but unlikely. She decided to refer her to a paediatric dermatologist but we have to wait until the end of September to be seen.

As you may tell, I always think the worst and always manage to convince myself of a diagnosis before it is even given. I then manage to become fretful and make myself feel poorly over it because I worry so much. I've don't think so often in the past you'd think that I would learn from the error of my ways!

I have constantly been googling looking for reassurance but all I find are other reasons to think she is lupus! I.e. She's had a good few mouth ulcers the past week (but she has been making chewing motions as she's teething her molars) and also she had a period of hair thinning a few months ago which we was told at the time was a reaction to a previous bad throat infection, where her high temp had shocked her hair into a resting stage.

I'm rambling a bit. But I feel much brighter this evening having read yours and other kind people's messages on this board, so I thank you for that very much x

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