Sick & Tired of being sick & tired

Hello. I am a 25 year old female who has suffered with various health problems all my life. I have an underactive thyroid which I take 75mg levothyroxine daily, Acid reflux in which I take 15-30mg lansoperzole and peptac, Vitamin D and also net recently started back on the combined microgybon pill.

Back in February of this year I came off the pill due to weight gain along with the thyroid problems and also pains in my legs. I must add, I have also had large calves and persisted with asking my GP if I have lipodema but to no avail.

In March I suddenly started having blood in my saliva. I didn't have a cough or any chest infection etc, it would happen randomly and I would taste blood in my mouth. I had a chest xray which was clear, d dimer bloods to check for clotting, all clear, a ct scan which was all clear, a doppler scan on my leg, all clear, and an endoscopy which was all normal.

Referred to ENT, did a scope of my nose and throat, all clear. My dentist couldn't find any problems with my gums or teeth either.

The blood will disappear for a couple of weeks and return randomly. I have since gone back on the pill to control my periods as I have always suffered heavy and irregular cycles.

Please could anyone shed any light on where the blood could be coming from?

I am constantly tired, waves of nausea, cannot lose weight no matter how hard I try. I have been a vegetarian since the age of 13, always exercise and I don't smoke and rarely drink alcohol.

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Oh dear u have alot going on. It is quit frustrating when u ve somany symptoms and the test result come up clear. I have nose bleeds regularly. Just do not give up keep ur dr informed of everything happening . I wish i could be of any help but i will pray 4 u.


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Hi Rachel, I have SLE along with other things, also take thyroxine and since have struggled with my weight. Also a side affect of thyroxine is irregular periods, I have had three in the first six weeks of taking it. Could the leg pain be restless leg syndrome. I find it very uncomfortable and gives me many sleepless nights, eased slightly by ferrograde folic. Although I do not have bleeding gums I do have random nose bleeds. The vascular problems seem to take many forms. I'm sorry I can't be more help.

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Thank you both for your replies.

It's just so frustrating going round and round wanting to find an answer. I'm 25 and I feel like an old woman sometimes. It affects my job and my lifestyle.

I know so many people go through far worse but having so much going on, constantly, starts to wear me down.

I will keep persisting with my GP and hoping for some answers. I just don't understand where the blood in my saliva is coming from, as I don't cough it up its just, there. Countless amount of blood tests with a needle and blood phobia are not good either!

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Lol about feeling old, i am 29 and i feel like a young vibrant soul wrapped up in a very old ladies body and i ve felt this way since 2012. So dear ur not alone it is a good thing we have this site so we are very free to share our pain, frustration and the entire lupus journey. Dont give up


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