Aerosols and kids

Hi i have a 12 year old grandaughter i love her to bits ,but her mum and me think she has a problem with aerosol cans,, she is takein everyones deodrants emptying them but then we dont know but she can empty a can in 5min we have to hide everything she not sprayin it on herself, she wonte tell us why she.s doing this iits worrying now hope someone can help.

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I can see why you are so worried. You need specialist advice on this and I'm not sure where you should go. If in doubt I suggest contact your go and they will have contact details.

I'm not sure but as this is a Lupus site, is this a reaction to a diagnosis or unrelated, either way you need advice on how to approach the problem.

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If she is inhaling she would be showing signs of it. I am unsure of exactly what they are but I would google signs of misuse of aerosol deodorants and then maybe face her with it or get some advice of what to do next. I hope you find out she isn't.


Hi thanks for your reply I found something on the Internet this mornin on the dailmail sight and it telling you about kids challenge they r spring them selves with a aerosol (only with deodrant) to c how long they can stand the burning it's takes a full van to do it . It's also on YouTube it's a stupid thing to do ..If she I'd doin t.hat thanks a lot xx


Hi there is no signs of inhaling I found something out on the dailmail site say in to kids b were of this challenge. The kids r challenge in each other wilt film in it to c how long they can take the freeze on it then the try and cover the smell up with a towel wit sat on the floor .We av caught her a few times sat in the floor with a towel but dint think owt off it but now everything sis come in into place .It's a stupid thing to do. You can c it on YouTube. Thanks anyway xx


If you look at your local services there should be a number for substance abuse....they will be very familiar with any questions you have. If you are not sure ring CAB or doctors don't have to say why you want the number. Most importantly don't jump to conclusions and always keep lines of communication open between granddaughter and yourselves. Good luck.

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