Nail Solution for problems caused by Lupus

Nail Solution for problems caused by Lupus

Hi everyone, hope I have a solution that will help with nail problems, I suffer from ridges and splitting nails, unless I religiously every day coat my nails with varnish, it doesn't have to be coloured just plain old clear but make sure it is nail strengthener , coat at least every 2nd day for 2 -3 weeks and then remove with varnish remover and then repeat the process again. As you can see from my nails they are strong and have to trim them down every now and then. also Rubber gloves always wear them for washing up or in contact with cleaning solutions, Avon do a good nail polish and there hand cream is good also doesn't cause any reaction to my skin.

Hope this helps my fellow Lupus friends. As I know how frustrating taking medication that ruins the way we feel and look.

But I am not going to let it beat me, we must be strong and fight on.

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  • Thank you for your post - my nails are terrible. I will give your suggestion a go :)

  • I have really bad toe nails so I soak them in tea tree every night and file them weekly.

  • Hi, I've been wondering if the state of my nails relates to my current poor health. They are thin but grow & bend in a strange shape at the sides (like if plastic is burnt) & have dark lines going them. I've seen articles on nail & health but not had time to read them. Thx for this post, great reminder to read them

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