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Hello all

I posted last week about being off work poorly for a few days.

I informed manager a few months back that I have lupus and it was all fine.

Just wanted to share this with you as it irritated me, or I don't know if im being over the top. During my back to work interview with manager she was just taking some details of my absence etc, and then said 'what is the name of the condition you have again?'

I don't know why but it just irritated me and made me feel like what is the point in even telling people if they don't care or think it's a big deal anyway.

Anyway, feel better now I've typed that, back to work now.

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Hi, I'm sure I have seen in a post that there is information for you to download from lupus UK for employers. Maybe giving them printed info will help. To us lupus is important but not to others. I can understand your irritation but it is probably naivety on their part. Give them the info then they may remember. Hope your return was good

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I get what you are on about it's as though they didn't believe you were ill or even had an illness or belief even existed. I've lived with lupus for years and I still don't quite get it myself let alone trying to tell somebody else. I feel a lot of this is due to the fact that the majority of lupus cannot actually be seen. I hope you are feeling much better now.



A good employer should ask you to list what conditions you have at each sickness review. That way they always have an up to date record, just in case things have changed.

I know it sounds frustrating but if they didn't ask you may forget to let them know, as these interviews can be quite daunting.


Hi natal1a, hopefully now you've had your back to work interview, your manager will understand how your health conditions can affect you.


Hi Natal1a,

It's frustrating and sometimes we can be a little over sensitive about work matters, especially when we haven't been well. I had a complete melt down earlier this week about something at work - all sorted now! Thankfully most people don't have to think about things like chronic illnesses in their day to day lives. Your boss is probably trying to get her head around the implications of your condition. It might be helpful to give her some of the information from the Lupus UK website. It's tricky, I know but most people do want to help. Hope you are feeling better.


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