How long are any one with Lupus given Prdensolon for my GP can't do maths I have had only 3 days of Prdensolon they can't do the math as the dose they have put me on 6 - 5 mg Prdensolon of 58 5 mg Prdensolon for that to last me 2 weeks at 30mg they are out by 13 days or more & certainly dosn't cover 2 weeks you will see me on a pathologists table this is Lupus I have Arthritis Raynauds Chronic Kidney Imflamation of my Lungs & Heart Brain CNS Cognative Fog Stomach Intestines Problem Seizures Unconscious Passing Out Chronic Fatigue which makes me bed ridden house bound I can't do much then Hair failing out Skin a mess Oedema Feruomidie 20 -40 mg which is given for heart failure it gets worse in Heat & my skin is really done in by the sun with the butterfly rash on my face & same scabby mess in my scalp I look like as if I am staring in a Horror movie my face is scaly bloody red & a very high amount of Leukocytes which is inflammation gone wild or I ascimit attack severe anemia mouth ulcers no periods for months if not years . That all above is seboric dermatitis is what they say it is. This is not Seboric dermatitis. I am really anoyed all this above started at the age of 5 years old.

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So your on 30 mg of pred a day? 5mg tablets so you should take 6 per day and should have been given 84 tablets , your chemist should also have given you a blue steroid warning card , check the doses on the labels and the amount you have left , does the chemist owe you any?


I hear you Angela. I am so sorry that you have so many issues to be sorted.

Can you revisit the doctors? Is there another person there who can go through it all with you and correct the dosage?

Your distress is so evident in your post. We share your pain.

Everyone, here shares some part of your issues. My hair is falling out, once my best feature. I am steeling myself as I have decided that the stress over my hair must stop, as stress makes everything worse and I am going to see a wig maker this week. Small beer compared to you, but a solution to one of my dilemmas.

I wish I had a magic wand I could use for you to correct all the ways your body is letting you down. Hang in there Angela, we are with you and support you.

Please use this site to ask for advice, as you have done. There are a lot of people here who will compare notes with you and offer advice.

Is your rheumy addressing your symptoms? I am in awe of your strength so far to deal with your issues since so long ago.

Please take care of yourself And try to deal with one thing at a time if you can, i think you need to see someone else and take a list of the symptoms which are giving you so much stress.

I wish I could do more than offer a hand of support.

I shall watch your progress. Please come back to tell us how you get on.

Rant all you want, we all need it sometimes, believe me.

Best wishes


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