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Cure for EBV lupus isn't far if they want it

I recently (age 44) was diagnosed with lupus and this caused me to research the cause of the illness. In my case it directly followed an Epstein Barr virus infection which produces the autoantibodies. Scientists now have the technology to remove EBV in the living cells (genetic excision with CRISPR) and stop the antibodies. The only thing that needs to be done is to test it. We need for the lupus activist groups to push for it.

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I have DLE and SLE. I have had these two types of lupus for over 30 years. the doctors I have been under and I have been under quite a lot of them have never told me of a cure. there is not a cure as such, only medications that can only relieve symptoms and stop the Lupus progressing as quick as it could do. There are many many autoimmune diseases all fighting for their right to have some medication or another. at the end of the day asking for any new medication will take many years. the medication will have to be trialled umpteen times excetra excetra blah blah blah and so much red tape you could probably put it around the world few million times!

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People are misunderstanding. When I studied the patient literature for lupus I found that it was very out of date. Published research proves that 1) EBV causes lupus and 2) CRISPR can remove EBV in mice. No ebv, no antibodies, no lupus.


As a follow up, a few months ago researchers on Hong Kong tried the EBV removal method on live cells and found it wasn't able to completely block the infection so unfortunately this treatment isn't effective. However, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I remain hopeful.


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