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There is currently a thread on one of the facebook groups I follow (

Basically it's saying that in America it's lupus awareness time (May is when they have an awareness month) yet in uk awareness month is October ---- alot of ppl think it's silly having it in October as that's when cancer awareness is. What do people think ? is it sufficient that we have World Lupus day in May or should we join with America and change when UK have awareness month? , does it help having a day in May and a Month in October and so raise Lupus profile twice a year?

Also it was said "I know cancer is always in everyone's thoughts as you can't go a single day without seeing x amount of adverts for it, but where is the advertising for lupus / autoimmune --- what do you think you would do if you could be head of advertising to try and get more awareness out there" ?

I thought it be interesting raising this for discussion

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I am very happy with the advertising etc that I receive from lupus uk. I do my bit by putting up posters and talking to people as and when it's appropriate. To advertise like cancer research it takes lots of money and they are a very big organisation, lots of events happen all year round. I'm not sure there is enough in the pot for lupus to advertise to this extent. It doesn't matter which month you choose, if you look at social media sites every day they say it is something or other awareness day. Autism runs there campaign in May.

Incidentally I wasn't aware may was cancer awareness month, if that's the case why is race 4 life still happening in July, surely they should all be run in May?


Hi Fabwheelie,

Lupus Awareness Month is in October in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. It is only the USA that uses May for this. Regardless of the time of year you choose, there will be competition with other awareness months/weeks. For example in May there is Vasculitis Awareness Month and M.E. Awareness Month. It also contains; Mental Health Awareness Week and Arthritis Awareness Week.

The decision to change Lupus Awareness Month to May was reviewed last year by the charity and was decided against by our Trustees and National Council. There were lots of reasons to keep it as it is.

As for advertising. Unfortunately the cost of advertising is very high and as a small charity we do not have the resources to spare for national campaigns like those you see for cancer. We do provide awareness and publicity material to all of our members and anybody else that requests them to help raise as much awareness as possible though.


I think once a year is appropriate for Lupus Awareness. The difference is that there are treatments for cancer that have been very successful. Many people have gone into total remission. Many people have no clue as to what Lupus really is or what it "carries" with it. I've had to send many articles I've written about Lupus, explaining it. I would leave cancer awareness in its own limelight and not push Lupus other than the once a year Awareness Day. People love having their photos on the internet, and so, they go along with the POP, and some may even ask questions about what Lupus is.


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