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Afternoon all

I am currently in remission and am slowly reducing my medication after being diagnosed almost 2 years ago.

My blood results are almost back to normal and I have no other symptoms of lupus at this time.

I go to bed on work nights at around 930 pm as I'm tired and my body aches and usually go to sleep an hour later. I get up around 7 am. I am usually really tired even though I have had some sleep. But then other times I feel fine.

Weekends I have a lie in or sometimes stay up later but I usually end up shattered for the days to follow. So I try to rest even more before I go away/ go out with friends.

I thought that when my lupus started to go in remission the tiredness would reduce to.

Am I going crazy and is it just being tired like anyone else does it is or can lupus still cause this?

I may have to change my shifts to late shifts at work and am worried I'll get even more tired and even worse get poorly again!

Any advice or suggestions for this?


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Hi Heights69,

I can totally sympathise with you on this espcially the bit about the weekeds. I am also in remission & have been for the past 2 years but still have bouts of fatigue.

I have just started a new job where there after 3 shifts ( all morning) starting at 7/8/9am. Surprisingly i have adjusted to quite well with the 7am start as i have a better bed routine. However I find that I get more tired on the 8/9am shift and by mid-

afternoon I am dying for a nap!

I wish i could suggest something for this. I did make some changes to my diet by cutting out bread, diary & refined carbs, making smoothies, hoping this will make a major difference...only time will tell!

Hopefully you won't have to go onto night shifts, I wonder if that would make it worse? Any chance you could nap on your break?

Best of luck x


Yeah I am in a good routine of eating, exercising and sleeping. And lll try and keep it up around new shifts.

I did earlies lates and nights for 10 years and I am sure it has some impact on lupus! So never again with the nights!

I need a little napping room!

Thanks for the reply!


I take d-ribose magnesium and creatine :)


Hi, The fatigue effect of lupus can be very debilitating and potentially dangerous. Working shift patterns, particularly long ones and nights is a no no! Regular sleep and rest are essential to us lupies, as I have found out sadly to the cost of my job!


First - you are one of the lucky ones. Remission! A wonderful word. what I am seeing here is even though the initial Lupus is in remission, there ae so many other conditions that "accompany" Lupus and your fatigue may be from one of them. I'm told there are hundreds of other autoimmune diseases. Be thankful you are able to go into remission. Some of us have never and will never. I was diagnosed later in life. No chance for me!


Iv bin dignosed 3 years ago still no remission for me ur sooo lucky xxxx


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