what meds can I go on

I have been on anti inflammatory meds for 25 yrs, they have finally made my liver fatty .had to come off them liver is getting better so its been caused my the tablet, what can I take as the comman meds for lupus do the same to your liver. what meds can I take? I know theres a lot of new ones.i am aching a lot and don't ant to live on painkillers. any advice will be much aprecieated.

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  • Hi Ullass

    You need to talk to your doctors about what drugs you could take. You can always try for a clinic cancellation to bring your Rheumy Appt forward. Good luck. X

  • hi misty

    thanks for your reply.

    done that talked to doc. he doesn't have any idea like me. app is on the 11 may for y lupus check up. the problem is the 2 lupus meds that r commonly used give you a fatty liver which is what started this all off. so doc and me r stuck.

  • Hi Ullass

    Good timing for your Rheumy appt on the 11 th!. Hopefully he/she will be able to suggest a solution. Good luck for then. X

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