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Low dose naltrexone for use in lupus

Hi has anyone used LDN to help control their lupus. I've read a lot about this drug recently and whilst I understand it's not licensed for use with lupus it is apparently helpful with some autoimmune diseases and cancers. I saw a TV clip where the doctor Chris Steele from This Morning was trying to bring more awareness about the benefits of LDN when used in autoimmune diseases and cancers, however no clinical trials have been undertaken even though this drug is relatively cheap and is not known to have the side effects of the other drugs we take to control our lupus.

I'd be interested to hear of anyone's experience with this drug as I suffer from lupus and have just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer too.

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Hi - I'm also in the early stages of researching LDN myself. I've recently heard good things about it being useful for halting the progression of MS (a friend of mine has just been diagnosed with MS and has started taking it). I have a friend with Lupus who recommends I try LDN as she's found it really helpful herself. She says "Since being on it I take far less ibuprofen and my mood has been much better, so the endorphines are definitely boosted!". However she also says that if she misses a dose she feels in a lot more pain and feels despairing. So it sounds like once you are taking it, it's best to continue (and it worries me a bit that I'll be hooked on a drug I'd rather not live without!). She also has Fibromyalgia so she's in pain a lot of the time.

Do let us know if you decide to give it a try. I'm thinking of doing so myself, though I don't yet know a which doctor might prescribe it for me.


Hi thanks for replying. I've downloaded the drug company's information and I'm going to take it to my appointment with the Oncologist. However my case is a little more complicated as I'm on Azathiaprine and Prednisolone plus Warfarin for the lupus and APS, but want to know if it might also benefit me because of my secondary cancer diagnosis. Obviously I'm worried about stopping the other drugs or treatment for cancer. It's a bit of a gamble as to what to do for the best, but I don't always take everything the doctors say as 'gospel' but also don't want to alienate them either. It would be good if someone from the medical profession could give us specific advice!


So sorry to hear you have the complication of cancer on top of everything else. Good idea to check with the doctors.

Take care x


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