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Hi, I'm looking for advise about what people are calling brain fog. My husband is diagnosed with APS and has had 3strokes. We have always put the cognitive side of things down to his Infractures in the brain but I am know wondering if some of it is down to the APS. After his latest stroke he was thombalised and came out of hospital walking and full of hope and no pain after years of pain. He has gradually deteriated since that home coming to the point of physios giving up on himas he was just too tired and had no interest in improving his physical and mental well being. Which may I add was a big change in personality. I'm now wondering if in fact some of it is down to the APS which we have only recently been told about but doctors test him positive in 2009. He was anti coagulated in 2009 but we believed that to be only for stroke prevention not because due to anything else. They are saying a rheumatologist and Haemotologist advised on medication but I can assure you we were not made aware of this. His specialist says there is no point in going back and recovering ground that has already been sorted. Frustrated that we were not made clear of this at the time. We are getting to understand a little more each time we read more on this super site and hoped someone could explain what you mean by brain fog as this is a possible side affect my husband has. Many thanks for all your information, vespa1

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  • Hi vespa 1, I am experiencing "Brain Fog" at the present time. Forgetful big time. Example I am working and manage a motel, yesterday was a very big day and most everyone wanted to pay with cash. After receiving many large bills I needed change for the next person, he handed me a 100.00 dollar bill, no smaller chnge left in draw so had to go to the deposit bag, instead of making change for the 100.00 I took out what I owed him and put his reservation card along with the 100.00 bill inside the bag. NOT protocol!! Needless to say I panicked when I counted out my drawer and it was short. I had already closed out my daily report and sent it to main office. Now, I had to explain that the money in fact, was in my deposit bag all along and I wondered if they thought for a moment if maybe I had taken the money. Earlier last week many times forgetful, not remembering simple things like names of things and I must admit names of people etc. I know I am in a flare at the moment and tried to give notice to my employer last week as I felt it is now getting to be too much, I am exhausted all the time, everything hurts, being forgetful etc...but they would not accept my resignation..instead they stated they will work with me and that its temporary, it will pass. They are awesome people but have no idea how I am struggling right now. When you are in a "fog" you feel so useless, so dumb, doing things incorrectly that you always do correctly every day. I hate this feeling and hate not being in control of my thoughts and actions.

  • It is brilliant your employer is prepared to work with you snap their hand off. Unfortunately we did not have such understanding employers at my husbands place of work and he was retired off. That in its self is nice but not good for motivation and depression. I am going to try to be more sympathetic as I'm beginning to understand brain fog a little more. How often Does it come and go. Hourly, daily, weekly? When he is tired its a lot worse and he does really silly things but the worst is forgetting his tablets. I work and find myself thinking must phone to remind him it's tough going but understanding helps. None of the professionals have ever suggested brain fog just told to get on and been very unsympathetic. So thank you for taking the time to reply. All e best

  • Hello Vespa 1. To me I seem to have triggers such as like you said when your hubby is tired it happens more. I went to the DRs yesterday and I am in a flare up so the brain fog is happening a little more presently. It would come and go before and usually I go many days without this fog but during a flare up its more prevallent. I lose my train of thought easily, names of items and ppl and trying to get a point across is absolutely frustrating beyond belief. I have had these chronic illnesses for many years and I agree many are very unsympathetic. I now have 2 very understanding and caring Drs. caring for me as of recent and it feels good to not be brushed aside, dismissed and finally taken seriously. I applaud you for seeking answers and or saying you will be more sympathetic as its takes very special people willing to make an extra effort in support of us. I am sorry but even this message has now taken me nearly an hour to type as the brain is somewhat foggy and kind of in and out.

  • Hi Vespa1,

    We have a little information about 'brain fog' under the heading, 'Memory Loss' in our factsheet about lupus and the brain. You can view it online at

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